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The full range of important real estate project services are offered to every GHV client, in addition to specialized help that only the experience and expertise of our real estate professionals can provide. GHV's information networks and industry contacts not generally available to the public can be accessed in order to guarantee best-practice project management and execution, as well as synchronized team development.

GHV Construction Services

All work, inspections, systems testing and local authority approvals are supervised and coordinated by GHV. We cover every phase of a project's construction - from the pre-construction management of designs approvals, and bids to contractor selection and contract document. Project budgets are monitored through the term of construction, including the procurement and management of insurance products.

GHV Property Management

Proper management of a property is essential to maximizing a property's leasing, net operating income and value. Being responsive to the needs of the building's occupants, as well as a close monitoring of building systems, is essential to retaining quality tenants while maintaining high occupancy rates and maximum asset value.

GHV Asset Management

GHV's marketplace knowledge ensures operating goals are achieved, and promotional expertise ensures a maximum return is realized. Strict financial control and accurate financial reporting performed with diligence is the key to enhanced asset value.

GHV Leasing

GHV's multiple-broker network allows exposure to a large pool of potential lessees. We are involved in all aspects of communication materials development, from multi-media advertising campaigns, to lease promotions selling a building's unique features, tenant services and amenities. GHV achieves optimal occupancy rates at the most attractive rents through our expertise in leasing commercial space through the marketing of the intrinsic and specific value of a property and its surrounding neighborhood. Of course, we oversee the preparation and execution of all tenant leases.

GHV Sales

We are experts in the promotion of those attributes that make a property attractive in relationship to both a customer's needs and the current economic environment. During the marketing and sale of real estate properties and assets, our experience ensures that the right customer is matched to the right property. We react to market conditions as they change, and carry out diligent prospect investigations concerning past history and financial statements. 

GHV Consulting Services

GHV provides consulting services at any critical phase of your project, and applies the same high standards in all our consulting assignments that have made our own assets so highly regarded. And even through GHV is primarily a real estate investment, redevelopment, financing, leasing and management firm, our reputation for success often prompts our current clients to ask for our expertise on various projects.

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